Mobile Marketing

Imagine direct access to your target audience. We do this through mobile technology, creating interactive content designed to have your audience interested and highly engaged with your product offering.We use digital media to target your customers, improve sales and expand your reach.

Silver conducts its mobile marketing platform via a regional telecoms intermediary in the Caribbean. The platform’s infrastructure is supported through an international technology based company located in Australia.


International Media Sales

We are the official affiliates for ESPN Inc., Southern Caribbean, offering advertising packages for the leading multinational, multimedia sports entertainment Company. We are in the business of seeking out interesting events in the region to share as live event/studio programming with the rest of the world. ESPN to review prior to uploading.



Innovation is key to what we do and so we take pride in working with multiple business opportunities which have the potential for growth. We are happy to analyse, partner or offer workable solutions and we’d be just as pleased to work with you to transform your business idea from the ground up.

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