Arvind Gopwani


Arvind Gopwani is a motivated, customer-focused extrovert with excellent analytical and technological skills. Although graduating with a Banking and Finance Degree, his entrepreneurial personality led him to launch a social commerce business (Demand The Deal Inc.) that proved to be successful and was later sold to a regional conglomerate.

Seeking a challenge within his field of study and under the tutelage of his former University Lecturer, Terrol Cummins, Arvind decided to join RBC Royal Bank as a junior foreign exchange trader. He quickly became a senior member of the FX Sales and Trading team for RBC Royal Bank and RBTT Bank in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. During his time, he was instrumental in attaining profitability targets, implementing business development strategies, keeping foreign exchange market share by maintaining a constant presence, satisfying client investment needs as well as anticipating new business opportunities; whilst ensuring that all AML and compliance requirements were adhered to.

Whilst enjoying four successful years in banking, Arvind also launched a ‘Wi-Fi’ marketing business, partnering with a regional telecommunications company and has become a serial investor in technology-based start-ups. Arvind is a second generation Indian (Sindhi) immigrant with a large family base in his native hometown, Barbados.

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